Acer claims that it is the first notebook with a Labeled Gemstone Blue, the case has a carbon black look to it, but when light hits it at just the correct angle, little glints of blue can be seen. Dobb’s further reserves the right to disable the profile of any commenter participating in said activities. Still, never in our wildest dreams did we expect to see something so beautifully designed as the new Most of the included, Acer-branded, applications are useful; Bio-Protection for the included fingerprint reader, Crystal Eye Webcam software, a Video Conference Manager, and the earlier mentioned Arcade Deluxe, which can be launched almost instantly without having to completely boot into Windows.

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Regarding its design, the Aspire comes with the CineDash media console, a touch-sensitive interface for navigating menus, adjusting volume and controlling multimedia.

This score is within the scope of other computers with similar configurations and is not too shabby. This monthDr. Az8920 consists of three speakers in the front of the unit, and two above the keyboard.

Slideshow Video Slideshow Jolt Awards: When reviewers lifted this nine-pound behemoth out of its box, everyone in the Test Center stopped what they were doing to come over and drool. Over the last few years, a new niche of notebook computers has been forming around the Hi-Def media trend.


Most Popular Stories Blogs. Currently we allow the following HTML tags in comments: Labeled Gemstone Blue, the case has a carbon black look to it, but when light hits it at just the correct angle, little glints of blue can be seen. Bloatware is kept to a minimum on this model.


Vlsta fits more into the growing pool of desktop replacements that have recently surfaced. The configuration includes an 1. Other retailers are expected to offer the laptop soon.

Review: Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue AS

This consists of three speakers in apsire front of the unit, and two above the keyboard. Stop Malware, Stop Breaches? The AS was obviously designed from the beginning with entertainment in mind. In addition, the touchpad which is centered to the middle of the QWERTY part of the keyboard, not the actual unit is textured with the same symmetrical design as the wrist pad.

This sapire only enhances the look of the device, but also makes it a little more tactile when in use. We introduce you to Apple’s new Swift programming language, discuss the perils of being the third-most-popular mobile platform, aspre SQLite on Androidand much more! To the left of the keyboard is the next noticeable attribute; what Acer calls the CineDash media console.

Review: Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue AS8920-6671

Please read our commenting policy. A full version of MicroSoft works 8. If size and weight are not an issue, the AS Aspire Gemstone is a computer that truly meets all expectations.

And not just full-sized keys either. There is also the for some unknown reason always standard V. The notebook weighs around 9 pounds with a standard 8-cell battery and runs Windows Vista operating system. Across the entire unit, temperature measurements never rose above 87 degrees Fahrenheit noticeably in a location where there is no contact during normal use and the average temperature hovered around 82 degrees. The “dot-one” in this case is in the form the Acer Tuba CineBass booster, which is a tube running along the back of the base, in between the similarly tubular hinges, which cleverly hold the power plug jack on the left and a Kensington Lock Slot on the right.


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Review: Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue AS | Dr Dobb’s

View the list of supported HTML tags you can use to style comments. Battery life was tested by continuously playing a movie in Windows Media Player, with all power saving settings turned vusta.

Hopefully it is not specified to include bluetooth and is shipped without it aspier several previous acer aspire laptops. Performance on the AS was tested using Primate Labs’ GeekBench2 benchmarking tool which resulted in a score of Dobb’s Jolt Awards

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