Then it occurred to me, maybe I have to change my network settings for this to work? The hot roller is coated in non-stick material to prevent the toner sticking and making marks down the page at intervals of Brother have re-used the engine design in subsequent machines and there are probably sufficient users to make toner sales still profitable for Brother. OPC has a finite life, it decays if exposed to light for a long time and continual wear from contact with paper, charge rollers and cleaning blade wears away at the surface and limits it’s life. This is a comprehensive file containing available drivers and software for the Brother machine. Even though it is a photo printer, I hardly ever used that functionality. I needed something that would work with Mac OS 9 and X, and there were very few options out there within my meagre price range.

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In the developer stage toner powder makes the latent image visible.

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E-mail me new comments on this article. Pages stay in readable order. Of course I fed an envelope into the slot. That was the first thing I wanted to try out after the nrother page worked.


Review: Brother HL-1470N

It’s also a ink hog, so the color ink was always 1470h. Hey, it saved me from buying a brand-spanking-new one. Capacity Sheets Face Up: Please call to check stock levels. I changed the default administration password so no one could change my settings, and turned off unwanted protocols, such as NetWare and NetBIOS.

Reader Comments 2 Barend A. Printing – 50dB Standby – 27dB Consumables: Mon to Fri 8.

Brother HL-1470N

It had to be cheap. Now I put the Brother’s manual feed slot to the test.

This brotyer an interactive wizard to help create and deploy locally or network connected Brother printer drivers. Normal output is to the face-down tray on top of the printer. Even though it is a photo printer, I hardly ever used that functionality. By including network connectivity as one of the many standard features of the HL-1 N, Brother are able to offer the ideal printing solution for the small business workgroup.

The drum is given a charge then scanned by a laser 1740n a latent image in static electricity. These printers use a separate toner cartridge and drum.

The fuser in a laser printer adheres toner to the page using a combination of heat and pressure. We also use Google Analytics brither track site usage patterns. The information is passed to the server software which can then display the device status.


My HP LaserJet 4ML had been with me for years before it finally croaked, making an awful grinding sound when it attempted to suck paper through, and stubbornly refusing to be fixed.

A lot longer than the printer, which was brkther in June Call me about this Printer. Technicians usually just change the whole fuser these days. Well, at least I found it. PDFs mixing text and graphics also come out at a reasonable speed.

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Its print tray holds sheets huge compared to the sheet tray on my old 4MLand a second sheet tray is available as an additional option. Print quality is fine. Satisfaction Guaranteed Experts at finding the right printer. Btother 66MHz processor was not untypical at the time but today’s models have devices 10 times as fast. Speed, DPI, memory‚Ķall that was secondary.

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