Also, GPT-protective partitions can be found in personal computers in order to remove restrictions placed on partition sizes. Several functions may not work. Both installed OS and system firmware are able to access partitions. But there are still some problems it cannot fix, such as, convert to GPT grayed out on the system disk, selected disk is GPT partition style , and more. For example, They are unable to partition, format or simply access data inside. To resolve the “protective” issue on a GPT partition so as to make it usable again, the following two workarounds would help.

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You’ll then be left with an ” Unknown, Not initialize and unallocated ‘ disk, so all you have to do is to initialize the disk to MBR. Once the disk is converted to MBR disk, it’ll be displayed in Windows Explorer or opened as normal drives.

Also XP has a hard time with the newer e and advanced format disk. My friend Mary bought a hard disk, and she set the partition as GPT style. I will definitely use this product again it will always be highly recommended to my colleagues. Is there any good solutions?

Troubleshooting GPT Protective Partition Issues | Seagate Support

A partition is a continuous area of storage space on a hard drive that is separated from the pattition of the hard drive and acts as its own storage device. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. This guide provides multiple solutions to troubleshoot GPT protective partition issue, and we hope you can safely fix the error without losing any data.


Got Something To Say: Key Features Resize Partition Extend system partition by shrinking another one without losing data. Thus, you should backup files in advance if there are vital data.

The GPT partitkon and partitions in computer will be detected by this software, and shown in the interface of software.

How to Access GPT Protective Partition Without Losing Data

Diskpart can delete GPT protective partition. All the steps are very easy, even for a beginner.

Click here to Register a free account now! MBR disk is another kind of hard disk. When it works, all the data in the disk will be protected, and the clean interface gives an easy direction for users, even for a green hand.

If you are looking for approaches to deal with GPT protective partition issue without prottective data, you are at the right place.

I use this drive on several Windows 7 desktops and laptops, on a Windows 10 desktop, and my mother’s Windows 8 laptop. However, MBR-based operating systems are not able to actually read GPT-protective partitions and, therefore, will not allow users to access them, unless specifically requested to do so. Partitions are seen by the system firmware and the installed operating systems.


Whereas, GPT protective partition differs from average partitions, as it cannot be deleted or reformatted in Disk Management. There are three partitions on it, however one of them is protected by GPT and no longer accessible. This allows MBR-based operating systems to recognize GPT protective partitions in order to prevent them from being overwritten, deleted, or modified.

In computer hardware, GPT is a standard for the layout of partition table on a physical hard drive. How does GPT protective partition work? It will not let me assign a drive letter to the drive. SSD Boost parttition performance. Diskpart command line utility Option 2.

Input ” list disk “, and then press ” Enter “. And you will not lose your data. While, if you do not want to change old operating system or upgrade to large disk. I have used many vpt software to try to move partitions around and they never quite work for me.

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It does not show up in “My Computer” despite the fact that the drivers were indeed installed!

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