Leaving the boat briefly to visit Tenerife , he returned to find that she had capsized at her mooring in a storm. Brokerage Updated 25th September !! The wooden versions were all custom built and differ considerably from the GRP versions. Quick and easy rigging. The use of the word drascombe in lowercase on this page refers to the generic usage. I was amazed what this actually included, besides the boat moulds; it also included all the plugs, which are the items for making new moulds as well as all the boat fittings and spars. The hull, typically, consists of four strakes each side, the garboard strakes being wide giving a flat run to the transom whilst having a fairly sharp entry at the stem.

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Flexible sail plan to suit all conditions. Similar to the Scaffie but with a narrower beam, the Skiff was designed in and John Watkinson built the first three boats of around jonor that were built in wood by Doug Elliott at John Elliott Boatbuilders. The Caboteur is based on the drascombe Longboat but modified to the requirements of French drascombe aficionado Jean-Louis Grenier to create his “ultimate drascombe camping cruiser”.

Some Dabber and Drifter have a conventional vertical transom with the rudder hung on the transom. British designed and British built.

A Longboat with a cabin of two berths or one berth and a galley bench. Of these, the Skiff has no outbard motor well, just a mini triangular transom to take a small outboard motor when the rudder has been removed. On a footnote Bob and Norma wish to thank all their customers and suppliers who have supported them over their 20 years at Honnor Marine. At Honnor Marine, as manufacturers of our Devon range of boats we regularly get asked for the availability of second hand boats.


Honor Marine Drascombe occasion

Leaving maine boat briefly to visit Tenerifehe returned to find that she had capsized at her mooring in a storm. Previously, the Royal Navy used the Montagu Whaler for this purpose, but these boats were getting well past their best, and new ones have not been built since the s. Although smaller than the Lugger, the Dabber carries a full yawl rig on main and mizzen masts.

An optional tent was also available, extending sleeping accommodation from two to four adults. The Longboat was considered too small, so the Gig was designed for this specific market. At the same time, once in tune with her, she gives her crew great confidence by her easily reefed lug sail and her sea keeping capabilities. Across the Pacific PDF. Covers, Tents jonor Sprayhoods We can supply you with several different types of covers, along with sprayhoods and tents to meet your requirements To hlnor detailed documents of brokerage boats Adobe Acrobat is required.

In private hands the Gig is not for the novice.

For a more detailed history of Honnor Marine since click the Icon. Built by Douglas Elliott at ‘John Elliott Boatbuilder’ who also built the only drascombe Mule, essentially a transom version of the 4.

A trailer-sailer with a two-berth cabin and, with the addition of a cockpit tent, room for two more including cooking and toilet facilities. Click the icon to download For hoonr of brokerage document click. Some Skiff, Scaith, Scaffie and Peterboat were double enders with a canoe stern.

We cannot use the original trademark as it was drazcombe to McNulty Boats Ltd, which went into liquidation on 23rd September Some were supplied with just a mainsail, some with main and jib, some with main, jib and mizzen. Fitted with a Watermota Shrimp inboard engine and a Crascombe mizzen as a steadying sail.


Just forward of the transom is a well to take an outboard motor with a slot in the transom that allows the outboard motor to be tilted out of the water when under sail. Welcome to the Honnor Marine Web Site.

Some models have a small one or two-berth cabin. One was fitted with a tent to allow for extensive cruising The City of London.

Drascombe Honor Marine Coaster sailboat for sale in Maine

On the Monday morning, as soon as I got into my office, I telephoned the company and was most surprised to hear on the other end of the telephone the voice of a gentleman who informed me that Honnor Marine UK Ltd had gone into liquidation. With over Drascombes on the water to date we would like to share with you all the wonderful options we have available.

Trailers Whether it is to explore new places, move your boat for maintenance or simply keep her on the drive way at home, the abi By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tim is determined to carry on giving an excellent service supplying all the spares for the Devon range as well as building the full range of boats to a very high specification. Whether it is to explore new places, move your boat for maintenance or simply keep her on the drive way at home, the abi

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