However, as with other types of claim, it is very important you use a solicitor who knows what they are doing. Call us on What is the Domestic Regulation Agreement? Then again, when a driver is untraced, the MIB can pay compensation for property damage only where the vehicle concerned has been identified. Routh Clarke are very experienced in dealing with claims against the MIB. And how do you go about getting your money back?

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The terms are negotiated from time to time with the Government.

If possible, get a photo of the vehicle. Getty Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice Uuninsured newsletters.

Lifestyle all Most Read Most Recent. If you are not careful you may end up spending a lot of time and money getting nowhere, or even ending up with a bill to pay the other side. The minimum level of cover you need to have is third party liability cover, which means you are covered for the damage you cause nuinsured another vehicle or property. Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Terms of use Privacy policy Disclaimer.

Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Fortunately the MIB generally seem to take a results based approach. So, what are your rights when you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver? Earthquake Powerful earthquake strikes the Philippines triggering tsunami warning The 6. Strictly Come Dancing Strictly stars ‘disgusted by brutal attack’ on AJ Pritchard as police issue new details AJ Pritchard and brother Curtis were attacked outside a nightclub by eight thugs.

The UK has one of the worst records in Europe for uninsured driving, with an estimated one in twenty cars being driven without the correct insurance. If you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle and forced to claim on your own insurance, then the MIB will compensate your insurer for the costs of your claim.


In practice, people driving without insurance have few or no assets to meet these financial liabilities and the chance of successfully recovering damages from an uninsured driver is nearly zero. If it is not clear which agreement applies, the MIB recommend you apply under both the untraced and uninsured agreements and they will then advise which they believe applies. In effect, this agreement between the government and the MIB ensures that innocent victims of uninsured drivers don’t lose out financially.

In particular, if proceedings were issued just before limitation it is unlikely that this option would be available. This is an agreement between the MIB and the road traffic insurance industry. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau is the body responsible for satisfying judgments made against uninsured drivers, provided the terms of the scheme are complied with.

The MIB are an insurer of last resort.

Uninsured Driver

If you were not insured, the MIB will not pay out. This means the party bringing the claim must comply with all requirements applying to an MIB uninnsured with respect to the domestic regulation insurer. The MIB is an insurer of last resort. SinceDirect Line has operated an ‘uninsured driver promise’ for fully comprehensive policyholders. Gatwick Airport Gatwick Airport: If the other driver refuses to give you their insurance details, or show you their drivers licence, you should get on to the police as soon as possible and file a formal complaint.

Fortunately, there is a way to recover costs for your car repairs and medical treatment. So, if both driver and vehicle are not identified such as uninusred ‘hit and run’ accidentsthen the MIB won’t pay out for property damage but will pay out personal-injury claims.

You againsf to request the other side’s insurance details promptly and report them to the police for prosecution if these are not provided within 14 days You have to use all reasonable endeavours to obtain the name and address of the registered keeper of the vehicle You have to use the MIB application formfully completed and giving such information about the proceedings and accompanied by such documents as the MIB may reasonably require You have to serve on the MIB by clai, or registered or recorded delivery.


We’re here to help you with your Road Traffic Accident Injury Claim

Smoking Shocking effects of smoking compared with vaping e-cigarettes revealed According to Public Health England, more than 44 per cent of smokers believe using e-cigarettes is as harmful as tobacco cigarettes – but their latest experiment proves why they’re wrong. As an alternative to claiming against the MIB, the victim of an uninsured driver can sue the owner of the vehicle for breach of statutory duty, if they can show the owner permitted their car to be used mb someone who was not insured.

In addition, the Road Safety Act provides harsher sentences for those who kill or are involved in accidents while driving uninsured.

However, this does not mean you cannot sue the other driver direct. The police can also seize, dispose of and even destroy uninsured vehicles. Weddings Bride-to-be threatens to uninvite guests who didn’t give her cash gifts An anonymous bride claims to be “angry” after guests ignored her request for cash gifts at her engagement party.

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