From here, you’ll launch off into other functions within the software, to adjust color balance, contrast, or tonal range. I have since caught myself reverting to the fine camera and Flash rather than newer camera’s because they both work well for me. I will need to test and confirm if it really works. Also, I find it a bit odd, that the new file suggests a connection of Sony with Konica Minolta’s former scanner business. This arrangement did a particularly good job of handling curled or damaged film, regardless of whether the film was curled side-to-side, or along its length.

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The USAF resolution target gave as usual more conservative resolution figures, with the scanner resolving cleanly down to Likewise, selecting the white eyedropper button and clicking in the left-hand preview window will set that point as the “white” point, moving minolra red, green, and blue white-point sliders as needed.

A histogram is simply a graph of how many pixels in an image have each mionlta brightness value. Also, I find it a bit odd, that the new file suggests a connection of Sony with Konica Minolta’s former scanner business.

This all sounds more complicated than it is: Essentially, they say “whenever you see brightness ‘x’, replace it with brightness ‘y’.

We saw no evident focus deficiencies while scanning normal slides or negatives. The resulting scans had less of a razors-edge on fine detail, but were also much more forgiving of film defects and film grain. Below are our “best guesses” as to what they do:. I will be very happy if this works in my win7 Also, you may have a group of photos shot under similar conditions that would all benefit from the same treatment. Unlike many “clamshell” designs, the slot holding the film is a fixed structure.


Herewith the Preferences functions:. The Dimage Scan Speed captures a full 12 bits per pixel. You can manually tweak the slides to achieve about two degrees of rotation in either direction, as needed. We felt that this feature was marred slightly by the fact that the enlarged image is only a pixel-replicated copy of the original area, which can lead to rather pixelated images if your cropping frame is small relative to the overall film area.

Flash tech data for Minolta 2800AF

If I remember correctly I found this. You can get it here or google it out. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities. A large peak on a histogram graph means there’s a lot of pixels a large area with roughly the same brightness values. Any Condition Any Condition. I love it, what else can I say?

Great for beginner strobist work.

To be honest, I just found few versions of. Any values darker than that will also be treated as zero, and values brighter than it will be proportionately stretched downward so that the brightness values will extend smoothly down to zero. If you decide you like one of the variations presented more than the current image, just click on it: The “Variations” screen also has a button that enlarges the current selection to full-screen size, making it easier to assess the current picture quality.


You should now be able to copy the value from there. On a Windows machine, you’ll need to have an interface card installed.

How to run old Minolta scanners on Vista & 7 – Dyxum – Page 1

Overall, the Dimage Scan Speed turned in a very competent performance, easily besting the current crop of “consumer” film scanners in most areas.

Minola on Flashes Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. We observed that this diffuse illumination source produced somewhat “softer” scans than some other scanners.

They’ve put together a comprehensive “on-line demo” of how the software works. Test Results As always with Imaging Resource reviews, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the final judge: May i just express my gratitude for this great sharing!

Inserted into the scanner, you can access half of the total film frames by sliding the adapter in or out.

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