I put 9 because I am satisfied with TRS. Our members also liked: Ideal for live recording budget in my case, for an example check out my space http: For integrated effects in the table: Alesis makes a good reverb for the price. For every feature has already been said

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I put 9 because in my case I have taken over in one week, I APRS sonorisenregistr a jazz sextet, and despite my lack of experience I almost russi do everything well! The reverbs themselves sound pretty nice. Small problem, however, for the management of stage monitors: In the end the table faders are used to manage the entry level, the Cubase mixer channel manages the mix that is sent over the sound system.

And the icing on the cake can be enjoyed on stage of Cubase insert effects, especially valuable for voice in order to have a balanced sound Noisegate, Compressor, EQ, Vocal Rider, doubling the track with supercharging and light distortion, reverb, delay, etc In short, without going into details, you must first install the drivers and immediately update the firmware for the upgrade to version 2.

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Intgre effects section, but not taken into account in multitrack recording. Of course we can not only select a single, common to all tracks. Instead they have released since the series “FX” that only allow recording of the mix in stereo, one wonders why.


I only used them once before I solve my problem incompatible firewire card. I sold it because I wanted a table allowing me to record a demo in a home studio or live concert The use of the table is very simple!

Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer

The report quality and unbeatable prices I think, bought in toto. I liked when multmiix the same phonic helixboard. Our members also liked: The manual is in English, just a quick start guide in French that it is always advisable to read but is trs brief 5 pages small, not really saturated info. The grip is quite simple, just look at it with a semblance of logic. The choice is quickly made because I’m dj Students then I eat pasta all week, I would not invest in something monstrous!

Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer | eBay

For integrated effects in the table: Or the quality of my new firewire cable. Unclear multomix the console is transparent, it depends very much on the sound system on which the branch, microphones used, the quality of cables I chose this table because it transfer to a pc or mac via firewire cable digital tracks each independently of the other, which I use for recording.

Did you find this review helpful? By using our services, you agree mjltimix our use of cookies. APRS these rglages is stable trs. See below, not the courage to rcrire.


By dj cons if you have the mtier, perhaps it will be a bit frustrating because you can feel the limits of what hardware! I hear a slight hiss when all Knob snt thoroughly, but it’s very firewier.

Its in brand new condition, so I am happy with that price. The manual was ok.

I use it for multitrack recording in Cubase. Except that I feel that we can not put the 18 tracks. Its fairly big so I only have referenced it when I needed it but, I was able to find answers to the problems I had. Voila, hsitez not invest if you want to start. Aelsis Multimix ceased production of there a few years ago, I mean those that multitrack recording. One to connect AUX returns, so everyone will have alwsis same mix of return if zikos are demanding, it can be a problem But for concerts in places small about pers max is sufficient.

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