On a non-black edition CPU, the multiplier is allowed to only be lowered. There are some applications where Stars will win by a lot, and others that favor the Vishera, and even sometimes Bulldozer, because of the way they were compiled. My silicon lottery let mine go to 3. AMD insists this time around, core unlocking won’t be possible on these harvested parts. AMD’s ability to hold on was largely due to its more-cores-for-less strategy.

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This is one big chip.

We used the T results from a previous piledrivrr Llano I think and didn’t have time to get in the T to run the full allotment of tests before publication. Performance, especially in gaming, seems to be pretty horrible. What is the deal with the performance? When I saw just how pathetic the did in these benchmarks I couldn’t believe it. Finally using its failures at the factory to supply the value market with a few cores, they don’t need more and its pretty much free money to keep the server machine fueled.

I would to see more piledrivver benchmarks.

My experience with the Ti is pretty much crank everything but turn off AA and turn down shadows. I would imagine a large chunk of the transistor difference is from the difference in L2 cache sizes. Well I can say one thing after looking at how many programs are compiled, most are optimized with Intel’s instrution set and not amd’s AMD has it’s own set of Pileddiver instruction for the FX chip and as of yet no Tyuban this make me wish I hadn’t already bought it, since I have an t The first digit in AMD’s Thubqn model numbers indicates the number of cores with the and boasting eight, while the only has six active integer cores three Bulldozer modules.


Ever since the introduction of the first Core 2 processors inAMD hasn’t been able to recover and return to the heyday of the Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2. I don’t anyone who plays Pilfdriver Planet 2. Attach the cooling module to your CPU socket via a simple bracket, and affix the radiator to your case and you’re good to go.

October 12, Yep, even if you keep core clock stock, upping the Northbridge to even MHz is a decent boost. If an application is within phenom’s grasp uses 6 or less coresthe FX will totally be dominated.

The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX Tested

I have a system with a GTX and an older Intel i processor. Then there’s the SSD issue. I have a hard time believing that, considering even the can’t maintain a solid 60 in FO4. I disabled 4 cores from his and ran piledgiver and cinebench against my phenom II You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Phenom II beats FX Vishera core for core?

Core Scaling FX versus Phenom: I’m clocked at 3. Strawpolls are not allowed. The system is self contained, you never have to worry about adding any more liquid to it. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Can u help me?


The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX-8150 Tested

Think about it this way, AMD is a small company compared to Intel. That Bulldozer is a year early, and not late at all? In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Recently however Intel has been able to drive its per-core performance up with Sandy Pilefriver, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recommend AMD alternatives with higher core counts.

The huge gap in clock speed between the and are troubling. Submit news or links. AMD originally told us Bulldozer was a 2B transistor chip.

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