Similar threads with keywords: You must log in or sign up to reply here. And this is not all — the G6DS Real has a download play support — a great feature allowing you to play multilayer games on several DS consoles and run a backup on only one of them. G6DS Real continues to use the TouchPod style operation contact surface to take the product the main contact surface, new TouchPod does not have to the previous edition simple style, from the tool fence, the vegetable single scroll, the chart sign, the button, rolls the strip to the window and the tabletop background, all may from define Cheng Gezhong the design and the color, has custom-made in the contact surface individuality on is more nimble. And in case you wondering what the second option does slot-2 i will give you a quick explanation.

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Above average but not perfect. After you select it you will get a loading screen and if the homebrew you want to run is compatible with the DLDI it will automatically boot. Its OK though because you dont really need it as you can download it from their site link further down in review. If I could find out what it is, perhaps I could contact a vendor of it and seek ordering a reader from one.

Can you use GBA Roms with this? The game name includes according to the domestic authoritative magazine translation standard, the natural user also may act according to own custom on the computerthe heavy naming game name. Both options work just fine. My suggestion is to always have a backup in your PC in case anything goes wrong.


G6 DS Real USB Reader

It reads for me quite reliably Buy DSLink flash card. Packaging includes also a free wrist strap. This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real. I’ve heard that was customizable. B6ds suggest you look first at this thread.

G6DS Real Guide & FAQ

Can i convert my old saves from -insert flashcart here- to G6DS Real format? G6DS Real menu provides you with these options: NDS Games- Rdal is of course the place you can boot nds roms.

All modern slot-1 flashcarts have low power consumption. Just put credits at the bottom.

I don’t use trimmed roms but i can assure you that it works just fine. With the lack of homebrew support for the moment, this may turn some customers away. Not only about the screen base map may also replace, the vegetable single scroll, the tool fence, the chart sign, the button, the typeface color and so on may realize from the definition, the new system also supports the dynamic chart sign demonstration function, has increased the more creations space for the contact surface design.

Since there are no DLDI drivers available at the moment, the only homebrew games or applications I was able to run where the ones that did not require FAT access. Search titles only Posted by Member: Guide Hide similar threads.


G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

In other words only the first time you save your game you must wait longer so the G6DS Real can write the save from the capacitor to the card. Is the touchpod menu skinable? My Card- This one is for navigate your card and launch homebrew. Exclusive super “Cheat Code” ub. The careful movie card product old user also can discover that, the new contact surface chart sign position, the menu content, the hot key definition and so on all according to used needs udb carry on the adjustment with the operation custom, like this was enables other brand card belts the user also with ease to g6dw.

Runs games without any lag or slow down. However you can always manually patch them if you found that the Auto-Patcher doesn’t work correctly.

There is also another solution possible that I’ve been told. In the first screen you can see all your NDS Roms you copied earlier. Simply select it and browse through your card to g6de the desired cheat file.

Unfortunately if you shut down your DS the G6DS Real doesn’t save the last setting you choose and reverts to the default state.

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