Select the Point option under Mode. The wt superscript indicates WinTab-compliant applications. These are the parameters you must set for both devices: Roll-Up II 24 retained even if the unit is powered off or reset. Serial To USB cable. Extremely light weight and mobile, the Roll-Up III can be easily rolled for storage or transported to various locations. Note the corresponding SuperSet Code.

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The table below describes the kinds of tones you may hear while operating the digitizer. Specification Brochure Online Ordering.

Installing the Roll-Up II. Connect the interface cable to the appropriate jack on the connector panel.

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Coverage Parts and labor are warranted for two 2 years from the date of the first consumer purchase for the digitizer tablet, controller, transducers and tablet accessories. Eastern Canada – Markham, Ontario Tel: Roll-Up II 41 The size is encoded as four digits: M ode Opt ions.

RD Diagnostic command causes the Roll-Up II to examine the attached tablet and send the results to another device for display. The SuperSet code is Rkll does not permit a detailed description ftco Summagraphics commands.


The second character in this command sets the rate, as shown in the table below.

Roll-Up II 17 Table 2: Tell us what’s missing. For example, the buttons on a 4-button cursor could represent four line widths or four colors. Roll-Up II 68 2. Use a variety of pointing devices, including a pen-shaped stylus for increase precision and accuracy.

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Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Be prepared to discuss the observations you made while troubleshooting. The perfect tool f However, if another SuperSet code is entered, this temporary configuration is lost and cannot be recalled without configuring Roll-Up II again.

The application program must examine the high order bit of each byte to determine when a format begins. Turn any environment into a dynamic workspace.

If you are programming for the Roll-Up II product line, the topics listed below will be useful: Saved configurations allow you to switch between applications quickly. Extremely light weight and mobile, the Roll-Up III can be easily rolled for storage or transported to various locations.


LCD Display featuring 16 characters x 2 lines 2. Send command CE to exclude the Carriage Return character. Waiting for the character to be echoed will ensure that the Controller has received the character and is waiting for the next one.

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Page 5 Roll-Up II 5 factory-supplied shipping tube. Defines whether the period character hex 2E is included in the ASCII output report between the units and tenths digits. As with any product, it requires proper care and handling for reliable operation.

Roll-Up III technology provides outstanding port a bility and reliability, however the Roll-Up III does not operate reliably with documents printed with conductive inks. Table 7 and Table 8 show which character will be sent.

Be noted you are considering quickruler only. Seven 7 or Eight 8.

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